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Deployment Services

JR's offers a full range of Deployment services from warehousing equipment inventory to providing Next Day Replacement service for merchants who are in need equipment repaired. Our cut-off for guaranteed shipment is 4:30 PM EST. All shipments and tracking information are provided through UPS exclusively and customers can track their own shipments using our web site.

Deployment requests are received either via e-mail or through the Customer Service Fax line. These orders are then entered into the system as a Sales Order; the request is forwarded to Deployment to load the equipment application and the merchant specific parameters. Once this information is loaded and the equipment is tested, the request is either taken to Encryption, if required or to shipping where the serial numbers are scanned into the Sales Order Module and the equipment is shipped per the customer's request. All deployments include equipment overlays, User Guides and Merchant Welcome Kits as required.

Any customer having a problem with equipment received would call JR's Customer Service Department for trouble shooting or replacement if required. If a replacement is required, the Customer Service Representative would issue an RMA and a request for a call tag at the time of shipment.

All equipment shipped is warranted by JR's for one year from date shipped.


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