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Encryption Services

JR's POS Depot follows all Visa USA Encryption and Support Organization (ESO) standards. We are audited annually by an outside Auditing firm certified by Visa. TG3 certification is readily available as requested.

JR's is registered with many Processors to do terminal deployment and PIN Pad encryption Services. New registrations are completed monthly as required.

We maintain strict security over our TRSM equipment in which we store keys for injection. All computers used for key injection are stand-alone terminals and are never connected to any network services or devices. All TRSM equipment as well as Encrypted PIN Pads are stored in a secured room with dual control access in compliance with the current ANSI X9.8 and ANSI X9.24 standards. Encrypted equipment is logged and tracked by both physical and logical identifiers.

JR's is a Key Component Storage and Injection facility only. Key generation is not a service we can offer at this time.


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