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Image Product PartNum Quantity  
Verifone Power Supplies
MX9xx Power Supply PWR-132-003-01-A 102-821  
Eclipse Power Supply 102-813  
Omni 32xx Power Supply 102-804  
Omni 3730LE/3730 Power Supply 102-840  
P250/220 Power Supply 102-801  
Tranz 3xx/Zon Xl Power Supply 102-800  
VX570 Power Supply 102-862  
VX610 Power Supply 102-807  
Omni 3750/3740 Power Supply (requires power cable 102-827  
Power Supply i65XX 2 prong 102-839  
Power Cable 07152-02 i65xx/VFI 104-408  
MX870 102-820  


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