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New Terminals

Image Product PartNum Quantity  
Verifone 8020 GPRS PCI 8020-US-M20-BLU 105-345  
Verifone VX510 6 MB Dual Com

Small merchants can offer a wide range of customer service options with the Vx510. This entry-point countertop solution comes in a sleek, compact design, and offers dynamically-managed memory for seconds-fast processing of debit, credit, EBT and EMV cards.

Verifone VX510 Dial 105-369  
Verifone VX510 Dual Com 12MB 105-386  
Verifone VX510 with Smart Card Puerto Rico Only 105-478  
Verifone Vx510LE 105-368  
Verifone VX520 DC SC Contacless M252-653-A3-NAA-3 105-305  
VeriFone VX520 DC w/SC M252-753-03-NAA-2 105-346  
Verifone VX570 Dial 6MB 105-462  
Verifone VX570 Dial 6MB with Smart Card 105-441  
Verifone VX570 Dual Com 6MB with Smart Card 105-446  
Verifone VX570 Dual Com 12MB 105-712  
Verifone VX570 Dual Com 20Meg 105-336  
Verifone VX570 Dual Com 6MB No Smart Card 105-315  
Verifone VX610 CDMA Verizon 105-387  
Verifone VX610 CDMA Sprint 105-709  
Verifone VX610 GPRS with Smart Card 105-388  
Verifone VX610 WIFI with Smart Card 105-437  
Verifone VX670 GPRS 105-455  
Verifone Vx670 Wi-Fi 105-378  
VeriFone Vx680 GPRS 105-966  
VeriFone Vx680 GPRS SC APRIVA 105-967  
VX520 Dual com W/O SC M252-153-03-NAA-2 105-323  


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