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Warranty Policy

JR’s POS Depot takes pride in the remanufacturing & repair processes that have been established since 2000. We are constantly monitoring our processes, referring to feedback from customers and using that information to further improve our processes.

Every New and Remanufactured Product shipped by JR’s POS Depot is warranted for a period of (1) one year from date of initial shipment, and all Repairs are warranted for (6) six months from shipment date. This covers all component and remanufacturing failures that may occur over time from date of initial shipment. As usual the warranty offered by JR’s does not cover customer abuse, fires, spillage, lighten strikes or any other acts of god.

In addition to the standard (1) one year warranty and (6) six month , JR’s does offer a Lifetime Warranty and an Extended Warranty.

The Lifetime Warranty covers all units for life of the hardware. It covers the cost of repair only. It does not cover any inbound shipping or replacement services. It is the customer’s responsibility to ship the unit back to JR’s for repair. JR’s POS Depot will repair the unit as is and return the unit to the customer via UPS Ground. This warranty consists of a repair only and is not returned in a remanufactured condition.

The Extended Warranty/Replacement Service covers all failures for a period of 36 months from the date of initial shipment. The warranty can be purchased for all units with the exception of wireless units and Eclipse terminals. Units are fully covered for any defect. This warranty includes a Next Day replacement service. JR’s will overnight a remanufactured unit from its stock and pick up the defective unit at no additional charge.


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